When it comes to your podcast, how it sounds is one of the most important parts of your podcasting journey.

Sure, great artwork, an awesome website, and podcast analytics you can trust are all important too. But without great sound, you may not get the listeners and growth you want.

That's why, unlike some hosts, Captivate doesn't modify your audio file in any way when you upload it.

We tend to find that the majority of shows are good with the following bitrate:

  • 96kbps mono is great for shows that are mostly just people talking (talk shows, interviews, etc)

  • 128kbps stereo is great if you have stereo music or a lot of sound effects

However, if you wanted to encode your show in a higher bitrate, with extra music, additional effects, etc, you can definitely do that. As long as your file is uploaded as an mp3, we'll support the higher bitrate. 😁

Where we will modify your file is if it's in an m4a or mp4 format - we automatically convert that to mp3 for you. Sweet!

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