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Captivate takes your podcast to the next level with private podcasts.

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For many podcasters, monetizing their podcast is a key growth goal. One of the best ways to monetize your podcast is with private feeds.

Questions about private feeds and how Captivate can help? We've got you covered!

What is a private podcast?

A private podcast is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of appearing on public RSS feeds and podcast apps, a private podcast is exclusively for the people you share it with, giving you complete control over who listens to your podcast.

Why would I use a private podcast?

There are many reasons to use a private podcast, and it all comes down to your goals and ensuring that your private podcast provides value for your private audience:

  • Exclusive content for premium members of an online course

  • Paid content for financial supporters of your show (think Patreon)

  • A private podcast for an organization (schools, businesses, etc)

  • Exclusive announcements and access to special events

Is a private podcast hard to set up?

Not at all - in fact, Captivate makes it super easy to do so, whether it's for a new podcast or an existing one! We have a full step by step here to guide you through it.

Note: If you are changing an existing podcast from a public RSS feed to a private podcast, it will be removed from all the public podcast apps and your public Captivate RSS feed.

How do I get private subscribers?

Adding subscribers to your private podcast is easy - you can either invite one at a time, or via a bulk upload using a CSV file of your existing email list, and add custom text to the invitation.

You can also automate adding and removing subscribers from your podcast using our Zapier integration.

How do subscribers access my private podcast if it's not public?

It's actually pretty similar to public podcasts, in that subscribers still need a link to subscribe to. The difference is, each subscriber to a private podcast gets their own unique RSS feed link from you via email which they can use to listen to your private podcast. To make things easier, we've created this handy guide on how to add a private podcast to the podcast apps that support them.

How do I promote my private podcast?

Private podcasts are invite only. So, you invite people to sign up via email. This can be an existing list, a promotion, a giveaway - anything that encourages people to sign up with their email. You then send an invite to them with instructions on how to subscribe, and that's it - simple!

So if it's in a podcast app, it is public after all?

No. Private podcasts can't be searched for on podcasts apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc. Instead, when each subscriber access your private podcast, their unique URL for your show is used to add to their podcast app of choice (if the app supports the option).

Can't people just share the link so it's not private?

While that is possible, we have made it super simple for you to be able to regenerate a unique URL for anyone who you suspect is sharing their own unique link. This won't impact your other subscribers with their own unique link.

Can I see who's listening to my private podcast?

Of course! You can see which subscribers are most engaged with your show with our Downloads by Subscribers option. You

Private podcasts seem expensive - is this the same with Captivate?

We believe that secure private podcasting should be available to all podcasters, that's why, all our pricing plans include at least one private podcast!

  • Our $19 plan includes one private podcast with 150 private subscribers.

  • Our $49 plan includes two private podcasts and 1,000 private subscribers.

  • Our $99 plan includes three private podcasts and 5,000 private subscribers.

Do you need more private podcasts and more subscribers? No problem, reach out to us via our support chat and we'll help you with that.

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