So you've created your first private podcast, and you're ready to start using it to its fullest - from paid membership subscribers to organizational updates for your business.

To do that, you're going to need subscribers. Each subscriber gets their own unique URL for your private podcast that they can use with their preferred podcast app, and we make it super easy for you to invite them!

Adding a New Subscriber to Your Private Podcast

The simplest way to add a new subscriber is to invite them directly by email, using these simple steps below:

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard.

  • On your private podcast page, select Subscribers from the Content Management menu on the left hand side.

  • Click on the Invite Your First Subscriber button.

  • Enter their email address, first name and last name.

  • Click either Save & Add Another to continue inviting more people, or click Save if you're just inviting that person.

Once you click save, an email invite with the Unique URL for that subscriber to enter into their preferred podcast app. This now lets them listen to your private podcast.

Note: you can optimize the way the invite email looks, by clicking Invitation Settings on the Subscribers screen, and changing the email colours as well as adding custom text to the invitation.

Adding Multiple Subscribers to Your Private Podcast

If you've already promoted your upcoming private podcast, and you have an existing email list for just these listeners, you can import them all at once using these simple steps below:

  • Create a CSV file of your existing subscribers. This needs to have: First name, Last name and Email Address.

  • Log in to your Captivate dashboard.

  • On your show page, select Subscribers from the Content Management menu on the left hand side.

  • Click on the Import Subscribers button.

  • Drag and drop your CSV file into the upload box, or click the Select CSV File button.

  • When uploaded, it will show a list of the imported emails and names.

  • Click Import Users.

Once completed, you'll see the list of subscribers, and the following options:

  • Invite Subscriber.

  • Import Subscribers.

  • Invitation Settings.

  • Refresh the feed to send a new one out.

  • Copy the feed URL to share with your subscriber directly.

  • Delete the feed.

And that's it! Your invited subscribers will receive an email with their Unique URL for your private podcast, and you can start sending them episodes!

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