Once you have imported your podcast from Acast to Captivate using our easy import process, it is vital that a 301 redirect is added to your old RSS feed.

A 301 redirect is something that tells directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify that your feed has moved from Acast and to "look" at your new Captivate RSS feed for your podcast.

Note: 301 redirects should only be used after your show has been imported to Captivate and once we have all of your episodes from your old podcast host.

So how do you add a 301 redirect to your Acast feed?

Before you start, you will need your new Captivate RSS feed:

  • In the top menu of your Captivate account you'll see the Copy Feed URL link. Click that and your Captivate RSS feed will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

Once you have your new Captivate RSS feed, head on over to your Acast account and carefully follow these instructions to ensure that the 301 redirect is added correctly:

  • At the bottom right of the screen, click the little chat icon

  • When the chat box opens, click the Send us a message link

  • In the chat box, enter the email address you use for Acast and then a simple message that you would like your Acast feed to redirect to your Captivate RSS feed

  • Paste your Captivate RSS feed into the message box, and then click the Send arrow

Alternatively, you can email Acast directly and request a 301 redirect of your Acast feed to your new Captivate RSS feed.

Note: We recommend that you keep your Acast account active for at least three weeks following the redirect to ensure that your listings update with your new RSS feed. This is a standard recommendation across all hosting platforms.

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