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How to subscribe to a Private Podcast
How to subscribe to a Private Podcast

Make it easy for your listeners to subscribe to your private podcast with this simple walkthrough!

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By using Captivate's Private Feeds feature to create a private podcast for your premium subscribers, it's easier than ever to offer exclusive content, digital downloads, online courses, and more.

Because every subscriber to your private podcast gets their own unique URL, it makes it really easy for them to choose how they want to subscribe to your podcast.

Here are the different ways your subscribers can listen to your private podcast.

Adding a Private Podcast to a Podcast App

When you add a subscriber to your private podcast, they'll receive an email with their unique link inside.

Depending on the email provider they use, they can click that link and it'll open the default podcast app on their phone (Apple Podcasts for iPhone, for example).

Note: Gmail doesn't currently support this feature.

Your subscribers can also copy paste the URL from the email, and then open their preferred podcast app to add your show directly, using either the Search or Add Podcast option (depending on the podcast app being used) and then subscribing to your podcast.

Listen to a Private Podcast via a Web Browser

While listening to a private podcast via a dedicated podcast app will be how the majority of people listen, there may be some subscribers that aren't too comfortable using an app.

In this case, your private podcast can be listened to directly from a web browser.

  • Copy the unique URL from the email

  • Paste it into a web browser tab

  • The RSS feed, complete with mini player, will display directly in the browser

Note: while subscribers can listen directly in a browser, they won't receive notifications of new episodes that podcast app subscribers receive.

Listen to a Private Podcast via the Captivate Web Player

If you wanted to use your private podcast to complement a premium online course, or exclusive content for donors, etc, you can also offer the option for subscribers to listen via our embeddable web player,

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