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Captivate Omni-Search Overview
Captivate Omni-Search Overview

Easily navigate around your Captivate dashboard with Captivate's "Omni-Search" tool.

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Whether you want to publish an episode, manage your podcasting team, dive deep into your analytics or learn about SEO, Captivate's "Omni-Search" puts the whole Captivate experience at your fingertips.

To access omni-search from anywhere within Captivate, either:

  • Click in the search bar at the top of your Captivate dashboard

  • CMD + K (Mac)

  • CTRL + K (PC)

Using the Captivate Omni-Search from within your Captivate dashboard couldn't be easier. Then, search for anything at all!

Captivate will take you right to it - try this, search for:

  • "Publish" to begin the publishing process

  • "Analytics" to dive into your episode analytics

  • "SEO" to be taken to the deep-dive Captivate SEO tutorial

  • A team member or podcast name to be taken right there!

The possibilities are endless and omni-search makes your podcasting workflow a breeze!

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