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How to create and edit your podcast network team
How to create and edit your podcast network team

Complete control of your podcast network team with advanced user permissions.

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Having a podcast network means that you're probably not the only one working on the podcasts in your network, so Captivate makes is easy to delegate access to team members.

Did you know? With Captivate you can unlimited team members to your podcast and podcast network for no additional cost. Yay! 😀

Add a new team member to your podcast network

  • Head to the Network section in the left navigation menu of your Captivate account.

  • Click Network Team.

  • Click Add Team Member.

  • Add the name and email address of your team member or, from the drop down menu select an existing podcast team member.

  • Select the network and podcast permissions.

  • Select the networked podcasts you want the permissions to apply to.

  • Add credits to team members with roles that they play. Note: This is part of the Podcast Taxonomy initiative and may be used in apps and directories.

  • Click Add Team Member.

Note: An email invitation to join your podcast team will then be sent. Your new team member will then be prompted to create a free Captivate account and then be able to access your show and the specific features you have granted them access to.

Edit a user role, assign them to a new podcast, and delete team members

If you need to make any changes to a user, simply follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Network Team tab on the left hand menu of your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click on Manage next to the user you want to change permissions for.

  • Simply select or deselect the options you wish to change.

  • Click the Update Team Member button to save your changes.

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