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How to create your podcast network level website
How to create your podcast network level website

Easily create an awesome code-free podcast network website to showcase and promote all the shows on your network!

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Now you've created your podcast network, optimized your network settings, it's time to create an awesome website to let listeners follow each of your networked podcasts.

Creating a podcast network site is super easy with Captivate, and comes with some very cool features to make it even easier to follow shows and subscribe for updates!

How to create your podcast network level site

Creating your podcast network level site with Captivate is super easy, and comes with a host of optimization features to help you launch and grow your podcast network.

When logged in to your Captivate dashboard, click on the Network Site tab in the left hand navigation menu. This will offer your 7 options for your site:

Let's take a look at each option!

Basic settings

This is where you can use your brand colours to make your podcast network level site really shine, as well as choose how your network's shows are displayed on the site (either manually, or updating each time a new episode is released).


Much like the free Captivate Site that comes with all podcasts, the header area of your podcast network level site offers some great customization options to help your site stand out.

  • Header section, where you can upload your podcast network's logo, as well as the title of your network, and whether you want the header to be fixed or not

  • Hero section, letting you add a custom image for your header, as well as a welcome message for your listeners and a subtitle section to share more details about your network


If you have a team managing your podcast network, you can add each member here, as well as create a custom bio for them (to share their role on your team, for example). When you add a team member, you can then display them on your podcast network level site - sweet!


To help potential listeners understand why they should follow your network, the About section lets you create a visual area that really grabs the attention of your network visitors!

This includes adding a strong background image as well as a description of what your network is all about, and the value any followers (as well as podcasters) will get from the network.

Email opt-in

Make it easy for people to get the latest updates from your network, as well as special offers, by adding an email subscription form directly to your site! This includes direct integration with AWeber and Mailchimp, as well as any email marketing service via HTML form integration.

SEO & Sharing

To help your podcast network level site be found more easily, the SEO & Sharing section offers some cool features to help you attract visitors, as well as analyze the analytics behind your traffic.

  • Website Meta. Here you can add your search engine optimized title and meta description for your site, specifically for search engine results.

  • SEO and Analytics Settings. Add your Google Search Console verification tag, along with your Google Analytics code and Facebook Tracking Pixel, to measure your website traffic and paid Facebook campaigns.

  • Social Sharing. Add a dedicated image to be used when sharing your site on social media, to help it stand out on the likes of Twitter, Facebook, etc.


If, for any reason, you want to host your own network level site, you can set up a 302 redirect here and this will update Google and other search engines that your site has moved, so visitors will go to the correct site. You can also choose whether to show the Captivate branding on your site or not.

Once all your settings have been saved, you'll have an awesome looking podcast website ready to market your podcast network!

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