Dropping a podcast trailer into the feed of your other networked podcasts using Captivate to cross-promote them, and setting a specific title and episode expiration date, is super simple.

Publishing a feed drop using Captivate is easy:

  • Begin the episode publishing process as normal.

  • Under “Feed Drops”, choose which shows you’d like to drop this episode into by switching each show on or choosing “Publish to all”.

  • For advanced options for each show receiving the drop, click the three-dot ellipses and set an optional publish date (otherwise the drop happens at the same time that your episode is published), an optional expiration date and an optional episode title override.

  • Publish or schedule your episode as usual.

When your episode is published, it will drop into the feed of the other podcasts that you have chosen using the parameters that you have set.

If you've set an expiration date, the episode will leave that podcast's feed on that date - sweet!

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