How do I update my billing details?

Updating your billing details, adding tax information and viewing your invoices is super simple from within your Captivate account.

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From time to time you may need to update your payment details or view copies of your invoices. All this can be done from the Billing section of your Captivate account.

How do I update my payment details?

  • Click on the drop down in the top right hand corner of your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click on My Account.

  • Select Billing from the left hand menu.

  • In the Payment Card section, click Edit.

  • Add your new card number, expiry date and CVV details (usually a 3-digit number on the back of your card, but can be a 4-digit number on cards like American Express, for example).

  • Click Update Billing.

How do I add my tax information?

  • Click Add next to your tax information.

  • Update the country and zip/postcode where you live.

  • Click Update Tax Information.

How do I access my past invoices?

  • Click View Invoices.

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