Planning ahead for your episodes can be time-consuming as well as hard from a project management point of view, with multiple resource tabs open.

Not any more, thanks to Captivate’s Episode Planning feature, available straight from your Captivate dashboard. This is perfect to use for your own reference when recording an episode, or for helping guests be fully prepared for their recording session with you.

Better still, you can keep all your ideas and links together in one place and it’s super easy to do!

  • Log into Captivate

  • Click on Episode Planning in the Research and Planning tab in the left hand menu

  • Click Add an Episode Idea

  • Enter the title for the idea, along with optional summary (which will appear in the Optional Summary section of your episode publishing screen)

  • If you have any host notes that you want to add, you can enter them in the Host Notes section. These will then be displayed as separate Recording Notes that you can access in your Captivate dashboard.

  • If you have a guest for this episode and you use Captivate’s guest booking feature, you can add that guest here, too

  • Add any Research Links that you’ve created for this episode

  • Click Create Episode Idea

Once you’ve created your idea, this turns it into a Recording Note that you can easily access from your dashboard.

  • Click on Episode Planning from the left menu

  • Click the little Notes icon for the idea you’d like to view

You can then use this as a reference point during the recording of your episode. Or, if you have a podcast with guests, you can use the Print icon to print the Recording Note and save as a PDF, which you can then send to your guest prior to the recording of their episode.

This not only gives you an excellent handy reference document for the talking points in the episode, but also lets your guest be properly prepared for their recording session, ensuring their time is more effective when the episode is being recorded.

If you need to edit an idea, simply click the edit icon for the idea you need to change, make the necessary edits, and then click Update Episode Idea.

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