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Using the Podcast Research Tool Chrome Extension
Using the Podcast Research Tool Chrome Extension

Collate and add Research Links to your Captivate dashboard straight from your current browser tab!

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Using Captivate’s Research Links feature, you can easily collate links and add them to your episode show notes.

This is perfect for adding more resources to your show notes, as well as making it easy for listeners to find out more about the topics/people discussed in an episode.

Thanks to Captivate’s Podcast Research Tool extension for Chrome, now you can add these links directly from any web page!

Adding the Podcast Research Tool to Chrome

To start using the extension, just follow these simple steps:

  • Click Add to Chrome (note: if you use Enhanced Safe Browsing on Chrome, it’s okay to click on “Continue to install”)

  • Click Add extension

  • This adds the extension to your toolbar

  • To make it easier to collate Research Links, make sure to pin the extension to your toolbar

Using the Podcast Research Tool

When you’re ready to use the extension, you just need to log in to your Captivate account first.

  • Click on the Captivate icon in your browser toolbar

  • Log in to your Captivate account

After you enter your credentials, you’ll then be asked to select the show you want to use the link for. If you have multiple podcasts, simply use the drop down to choose the specific podcast.

Once you’ve selected your podcast, you can then enter the Label and any Notes you want to make about this link.

The Label is the text that will be displayed for the link - so, for example, instead of just showing the URL for Google like, you could enter the text Learn more at Google in the label section, and this is what would be displayed in your show notes!

Captivate auto-generates the label based on the URL, but you can also change it to your preferred text instead.

Notes let you add some additional text you want to share about the link. This can be a little more information on what’s being linked to - a little blurb about the guest, for example, or an explanatory blurb on what to do after clicking the link.

So if you’re linking to a landing page, you could add a blurb that instructs how to download an ebook, or sign up for a course, etc. Anything you add here will also appear in your show notes.

That link, and any additional notes you’ve added, will be added to the Research Links section for your chosen podcast, ready to be used the next time you log in to your Captivate dashboard!

You can then use these as part of your Episode Planning, making sure the talking points you want to cover in an episode aren’t missed.

With Captivate’s Podcast Research Tool extension for Chrome, you can now add any link/story that grabs your interest online, and turn it into your own Research Link for your podcast!

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