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Setting Up Your Tips on Captivate
Setting Up Your Tips on Captivate

It’s super easy to let your most ardent listeners support you through a one-time donation with the Tips feature from Captivate!

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With Captivate’s awesome Tips, it’s never been easier for your podcast listeners and followers to support you with a one-off donation. Here’s how to make that happen.

  • Log in to Captivate and click Monetization > Settings in the left hand navigation menu

  • Click on the Tips Settings tab

This takes you to the Tips section This is where you can set the options for your Tips.

Activate Tipping

By default, this is deactivated so you just need to toggle the switch to Activate Tipping to enable. Once that button is activated, the default link for your supporter landing page will be displayed. This URL is based off your Captivate RSS feed, or your custom domain if you use one - either option will have the /support suffix.

Default Amounts

From there, set up to three default amounts you want to offer your supporters to tip you with. You can make these whatever amount you wish, as well as just have one or two amounts. Or, you can switch off all the defaults, and leave it to your supporter to choose how much they’d like to tip you.

Confirmation Emails

If you’d like to know the moment you get a new Tip from a supporter, you can enable email alerts here and you’ll know the moment a new donation has been made!

Once done, click Save Changes and you’re all set to start receiving one-off donations from your listeners and followers!

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