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Setting Up Memberships with Captivate
Setting Up Memberships with Captivate

Set your price for exclusive and extra content for your most loyal fans with recurring monthly revenue for your podcast!

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As well as our amazing Tips feature, which makes it easy for your podcast listeners to send you a one-off donation, we also make it super easy for you to earn recurring monthly payments from your listeners/followers, with Memberships.

This lets you set up different tiers for those that want to support monthly, and you can offer them exclusive benefits based on the tier they’re signed up to.

Let’s get started!

  • log in to Captivate and click on Monetization > Settings from the left hand navigation menu

  • click on the Membership Settings tab

Activate Memberships

Now it’s time to get your Membership set up - the first thing to do is activate your Memberships. From here, you can choose how many tiers you have, the benefits supporters will receive, and more!

Tier Options

Setting up your Tiers is easy, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Tier Name: give your tier a name - this can be fun, serious, it’s up to you

  • Price per month: how much your supporters will pay each month (you can also offer a free tier to entice listeners to turn into paying supporters)

  • Number of days free trial: offer a free trial to let potential supporters see what benefits they get with a full membership

  • Description: the blurb that will appear with your tier on your public supporter’s page

  • Tier image: add an eye-catching image to draw attention to each tier

  • Tier Benefits: what the supporter of this tier receives for their monthly payment (early access, exclusive content, producer credit on the show, live stream invites, etc)

  • Content Type Access: this determines what members will receive from your podcast, and will send out episodes based on the tier

  • Maximum Membership: you can have as many supporters as you want on a tier, or limit to a few for the very exclusive stuff, making it more attractive for supporters or higher tiers

Membership Count

Choose whether to promote or hide how many members your show has on the public supporter’s landing page.

Confirmation Emails

Get an email as soon as a new member signs up. You can toggle this on or off, although transactional emails with any membership issues will always be sent.

Maximum Membership Tiers

Choose whether to show how many memberships are still available in certain tiers, and whether to show sold out memberships on your public Membership page.

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