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How to Migrate and Move Your Podcast Download Analytics from Another Host to Captivate
How to Migrate and Move Your Podcast Download Analytics from Another Host to Captivate

A complete tutorial on how to migrate and move your podcast download analytics from another podcast host to Captivate.

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Moving your podcast from another host to Captivate is simple, with our automated import tool. Better still, though, is you can upload the analytics from your old host for your show with Captivate’s Analytics Import Tool!

This allows you to access your full historical analytics from within the Captivate dashboard, including podcast app and listener location, letting you see your growth trends and interpret data from your entire podcasting history - not just from the date of your import to Captivate.

You can upload multiple categories from your current host:

  • user agent/podcast app

  • episode data

  • country

  • date range

This kind of data import is an industry-first when it comes to intuitiveness and flexibility, and we’re super proud to be able to bring this level of analytics breakdown to you!

Here’s how to move your analytics.

  • Download a .csv report of your show’s analytics from your current podcast host (if you’re unsure of how to do this with your current host, contact their support team to download the file for you)

  • Log in to your Captivate account

  • Click My Podcasts in the left hand menu

  • Click Add New Podcast

  • Click Import Your Podcast

  • Follow the steps to import your show

  • Click Import my podcast

After you click the Import My Podcast button, you’ll be shown a welcome page to Captivate, with various options to choose from. The final one is Import analytics from your previous host.

Click that link - this will open up the Analytics section on your Captivate dashboard, and automatically select Legacy Analytics.

  • click the Import Your Legacy Analytics button

  • drag and drop/upload the .csv file with your current analytics

  • Captivate will display a snapshot of the imported data

  • if this looks correct, click Continue

  • on the next screen, confirm the data you want to import

  • click Continue

  • choose a name for your analytics graph

  • click Continue

  • run a final check that the data is correct, and check the “I confirm” box to confirm the data has been correctly formatted, and these analytics will be separate from your Captivate analytics

  • click Accept and Import

That’s it - you’ve imported your old analytics into your new Captivate account, and can access these at any time from the Legacy Analytics tab on your Captivate dashboard!

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