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How to Use Transcripts with Apple Podcasts
How to Use Transcripts with Apple Podcasts

Make your show more accessible for your audience and benefit from extra SEO too!

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Podcast transcripts are super important, to ensure your show is accessible for the hard of hearing and deaf community. Transcripts can also help with SEO and getting your show and episodes found in search.

Since Captivate has fully supported transcripts since 2021, it makes it super easy for you to use your existing transcripts on Apple Podcasts, who now offer either automated transcripts or those from your episodes here on Captivate.

Here’s how to use the feature:

  • Click on your podcast (if you have several, click the one you want to update)

  • Click on the Availability tab

  • Under the Transcripts section, choose whether to let Apple auto-generate transcripts for you, or display the transcripts you already use with Captivate (Apple will auto-generate for any episodes that don’t have a transcript on Captivate)

  • Click Save

And that’s it - super easy! Your podcast will now display transcripts on the Apple Podcasts app, whether it’s your existing transcripts on Captivate or generated by Apple!

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