Adding your podcast transcriptions to your podcast episodes has never been so easy. Captivate also supports the Podcasting 2.0 namespace tag, podcast:transcript, to ensure your transcriptions are included in your feed automatically. Pretty sweet!

What are podcast transcriptions, and why should I use them?

Podcast transcriptions are your audio files converted into text, so that it can be read online. Transcriptions are super important for accessibility and can also be an easy way to repurpose your episodes as well as contribute towards your wider podcast SEO strategy.

How will my transcripts display on my site?

Whether importing from Descript, manually uploading SRT files or typing them in, your transcriptions will look great on your Captivate Podcast Website episode pages. Here's an example:

A screenshot of a Captivate podcast website displaying a written transcript. The transcript shows a conversation about Star Wars between hosts Mark and Garry.

How do I add transcripts to my podcast episodes on Captivate?

Depending on how you create your transcripts, there are three ways to add them to your podcast episode:

1. Direct integration with Descript

2. SRT file upload (this is a plain text file)

3. Manual input

How do I use Descript for my podcast transcriptions?

Thanks to Captivate's direct integration with Descript, you can record, edit, and import your episode straight from Descript into Captivate.

Simply add your Descript URL in the podcast audio upload screen and Captivate will automatically add your transcriptions to your episode. Check out our tutorial on how to publish your podcast episodes from Descript to Captivate!

How do I use my own SRT file?

If you don't use Descript, no problem! Uploading your own SRT file is super easy. When creating a new episode:

  • Head to the Transcription section
  • Click Add a transcript to this episode
  • A new transcription window will open
  • Select Upload File
  • Pick your SRT file from your library
  • Click Add Transcript and Captivate will automatically add that to your episode
A gif of the process of adding an .srt file to a Captivate podcast episode. The gif shows all the written steps above.

How do I add my transcription manually?

Manually adding your own transcription is also super easy. If you have your own written transcript simply copy and paste, or manually type them directly into the transcription window when creating and publishing your episode.

A gif of the process of adding a transcription manually to a Captivate podcast episode. The gif shows all the written steps above.

Important to note: you need to make sure your transcript is formatted correctly in order for podcast apps to correctly display it.

The correct format is as follows:

[Name] [Timestamp]


Here's the example we give you in the transcription window:

Alfred 00:00
Will you be wanting the Batpod, sir?

Bruce 00:20
In the middle of the day, Alfred? Not very subtle.

Alfred 00:30
The Lamborghini then.

I want to edit my transcription, how can I do that?

Making changes to your podcast transcriptions is simple. To amend a transcription from an upload file:

  • Make the changes to your file in your external transcription service
  • Click Re-upload in the Transcription section of your podcast episode
  • In the transcription window, Remove the current transcription file
  • Click Upload File to add the amended transcription version
  • Select Add Transcript to confirm the change

If your transcriptions have been added manually, you can make changes to the transcription at any time, remembering to keep the format of the transcription the same!

  • Click Edit in the Transcription section of your podcast episode
  • Make the manual changes to your transcription
  • Click Update Transcript

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