Podcast downloads can be confusing, that's why Captivate has been designed to give you powerful, advanced insights to your download numbers and all presented in a simple, easy to understand manner. 😊

Captivate is always adding new, useful measurements to help you to grow your podcast and to understand your audience.

Want to know more about downloads? Dive into exactly how podcast downloads are counted in this episode of The Podcast Accelerator with our co-founders, Mark Asquith and Kieran McKeefery. 

To access your podcast analytics, simply click the Analytics tab in the left hand navigation menu of your Captivate dashboard.

Note: you can also see a quick snapshot of your downloads and latest episodes analytics in your Captivate podcasting dashboard.

The Captivate podcast analytics page is broken down into various sections:

Unique Listeners

While many podcast hosts focus on the amount of downloads your podcast has, Captivate goes one step further and offers data on Unique Listeners.

Unique Listeners data looks at a listener from the same IP address, and the same listening device (app, web player, etc), during the date range you have selected for your report.

We only count unique listeners once in that date range, even if they listen to an episode multiple times. So, if someone listened to an episode 15 times in a single date range, we'd only count that listen once.

This ensures 100% accurate stats, based on the IAB V2 Guidelines (the standard for the podcasting industry). 👍

Downloads Overview

Also available within the Captivate podcasting dashboard.

Your downloads overview gives you a quick snapshot of the most useful download statistics that you need at a glance for the show that you're managing:

  • Downloads today.
  • Downloads yesterday.
  • Downloads over the last rolling 7-day period (will display percentage change over the previous period, too).
  • Downloads over the last 28-day period (will display percentage change over the previous period, too).
  • Downloads over the last 90-day period (will display percentage change over the previous period, too).
  • All-time downloads.

Download Averages

Also available within the Captivate podcasting dashboard.

Often, you'll want to know the average downloads that your show receives across certain timeframes.

This section shows you the average number of downloads that your podcast receives over the following periods:

  • Each day.
  • Each week.
  • Each 28-day period.
  • Each 90-day period.

Often, you might see a spike in downloads when you log into your Analytics dashboard, and you're not quite sure where that spike came from. With Trending Episodes, you can find out exactly how that spike happened! 😊

Whether it's because you've released a new episode that covers a topic everyone is talking about, or an evergreen episode has gained a new audience, now you can see what episode caused that spike in traffic.

Note: depending on your show's activity, the number of episodes in this section may vary.

Rolling 12 Months

It's easy (and really fun) to obsess over details when looking at your podcast stats. But what about zooming out to see the bigger picture? Wouldn't it be so good to look back and see the results of your hard podcasting month by month?

You can now see how much your podcast has developed over the past year with the Rolling 12 Months view!

This feature shows your podcast's total downloads for all episodes month by month, allowing you to see a top-level view of your listeners' behaviour over the past year.

With this chart, you can easily identify spikes, troughs and trends and use them to kickstart deeper insights into your listeners' behaviour, top-performing episodes and marketing activity. Sweet!

Listener Behaviour

This section includes three data sub-sections:

  • Daily Trends - The number of downloads across the selected date range. These can be filtered by episode and also date range. 

Note: to track episode releases like the graph below, simply select the Overlay episode releases tick box under the graph. Nice! 

  • How They Listen - The devices/apps that your listeners used to download your content within the selected date range. 
  • Where They Listen - Where in the world your downloads came from during the selected date range.

Note: Dig even deeper to the locations of your downloads by clicking on the different areas of the world map!

Episode Performance Comparison

One of the things we all want to know as podcasters is which episodes really stood out, and received the most attention and continue to do so. It can help us plan future episodes, as well as create the kind of content that listeners pick up on.

Well, thanks to Episode Performance Comparison, you can do just that! Simply click the Compare Episodes dropdown box on the right hand side, and choose the episodes you wish to compare.

In the example below, you can see how three episodes compare to each other since first being published.

Each episode received a similar spike when published, which tends to be the norm for most podcasts. However, you can see that the episode about getting listeners to share your podcast (represented by the yellow line) is still going strong, more than a month after the episode was published.

This information can help guide your own show's format and what types of episodes to create, to really help you grow your podcast.

Episode Overview

Just like Listener Behaviour, the Episode Analysis sub-section allows you to choose a date range and analyze the number of downloads per episode within that date range. You can choose from:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 28 days
  • Last 60 days
  • Last 90 days
  • Last month
  • All-time
  • Custom (where you can choose the start and end date to be measured)

Website Analytics

If you use our Single Subscription Link to offer listeners which app to follow your podcast on, you can see which apps are the most popular with our Listen Page Analytics.

  • Impressions (how many visits your page had)
  • Unique Impressions (how many new visitors you had)
  • Unique/total percentage (how much of your traffic was unique visitors)

As well as out Listen Page Analytics, you can also see which apps were clicked the most, with our Listen Link Tracking.

  • Podcast app
  • Total clicks for that app

Now, with all this data from your Captivate Analytics dashboard in front of you, you can really start to laser focus on the kind of content your listeners are picking up on, and where they prefer to listen

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Note: In the top right of your analytics screen and on your main Captivate dashboard you'll see "Last Updated" information so you can see the last time we updated your data for you. Sweet!

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