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Captivate podcast players overview
Captivate podcast players overview

The best embeddable podcast player for websites and social media with calls-to-action and easy customization options to suit your brand!

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The embeddable podcast player is an important part of your podcasting toolkit. As well as providing an instant way to listen to your podcast, it's also how listeners discover other important aspects of your show, like shownotes, your podcast website, your email newsletter and more!

Our beautifully designed Captivate podcast player is packed full of useful tools, is completely screenreader accessible and looks great on websites and social media platforms for instant listening. Better still, it's fully customizable for flawless integration with your podcast brand!

What elements make up the Captivate podcast player?

Of course you can expect to see some of your basic podcast information:

  • The title of your podcast.

  • The author name(s).

  • The episode number.

  • The episode title.

  • The date it was published.

As well as the basics, the Captivate podcast player includes a range of useful tools for your listeners:

  • Share: Allows your listener to share a specific episode timestamp, share on their social media platform or quickly download the episode.

  • File downloads: Let listeners download the physical mp3 file.

  • Notes: Scrollable shownotes of the episode.

  • Transcript: Make your episode fully accessible to the hearing impaired, and display the transcripts for each episode.

  • Follow: An easy way for your listener to subscribe to your podcast on their preferred podcast directory in one simple click.

  • Links: Add your Calls to Action links to make things like signing up to your newsletter, other products/services you provide, or any affiliate links nice and easy for your listener to access.

  • Donate: Add your Patreon or similar donation platform link so your listeners can easily sign up to support your podcast or sign up for premium content.

  • Skip controls: Let your listeners skip ahead to the parts they're interested in the most, or back to a part they missed.

  • Volume control: Raise or lower the volume, depending on your surroundings

What Captivate podcast players are available?

There are four great embeddable player styles for you to choose from:

  • Episode player: An episode player which is also standard on our Captivate sites.

  • Latest Episode player: Shows and plays the most recent episode of your podcast.

  • Show player: A beautiful player that showcases all episodes of your podcast.

  • Playlists: Create a curated playlist of your podcast episodes to share.

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