The Captivate Podcast Players are a great way to embed your podcast on your WordPress website automatically via Captivate Sync™, or manually on any website that accepts HMTL code.

They're also easily shared on social media, and any shared episode can be played directly on social media apps that support this feature (like Twitter, for example).

The Captivate Podcast Players are fully responsive, meaning that they look and function beautifully on any device so that you can share your podcast anywhere with ease.

What are the buttons on the Captivate podcast player?

The Captivate podcast player include a range of tools for both you as a podcaster and of course, your listeners:

  • The play/pause button

  • Sharing options for social media (or downloading an episode)

  • Show notes

  • Subscribe (offering an easy way to subscribe to your podcast via the most popular podcast apps)

  • Calls to action links with specific links for something like newsletters, an online course, follow on social media, and more

  • Donations, if you have a Patreon account or any similar donation platform

You can easily choose which of these options are displayed on your web player, as well as drag and drop which order you'd like them to appear, under the Podcast Player section in your Captivate dashboard.

What Information Is Displayed on Your Captivate Web Player?

The text at the top of the Captivate podcast player automatically scrolls and displays, and adapts that data for the browser you're listening on:

  • The title of your podcast

  • The author name(s)

  • The episode number

  • The episode title

  • The date is was published

What Captivate podcast players are available?

There are four great web player styles available, with each one being perfect for your specific need, whether it's an individual episode or fuller playlist.

  • Episode Player - this player makes it easy for listeners to access your calls to action, subscribe links, share options, and show notes.

  • Latest Episode Player - this player always shows and plays the most recent episode of your show and includes all the great features of the main player. 

  • Playlist Player - a beautiful player that showcases all episodes of your podcast and of course, all the great features of the main player. 

  • Collections Player - create a curated collection of your most popular episodes, themed content, blooper reels, and more!

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