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How to Get Your Podcast in Amazon Music & Audible
How to Get Your Podcast in Amazon Music & Audible

Learn how to submit your podcast to Amazon Music, Audible and Alexa-enabled devices and reach their audience of 55 million listeners!

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Amazon officially launched its podcast directory in 2020. Getting listed in Amazon's directory means over 55 million global listeners can find your show on Amazon Music, Audible, Echo and Alexa-enabled devices across iOS, Android and on the web where available!

Wondering how to get your podcast in Amazon Music? Captivate has your back with simple one-click submission!

How to add your podcast to Amazon Music using Captivate's One-Click Submission

  • Log in to your Captivate Dashboard

  • Hit Distribute on the left-side menu, under Promotion

  • Choose between the Submit to All option (if adding your podcast to other apps and directories), or the Amazon Music box only

  • If just submitting to Amazon Music, click the Start Submission button

  • Choose the country your podcast is located in

  • Click I Agree, Please Submit

You're done! Amazon will ingest your podcast and should appear on Amazon Music & Audible within a couple of days.

How to manually submit your podcast to Amazon Music

If you prefer to submit your podcast to Amazon yourself, doing so is really simple.

  • Go to the Amazon Music for Podcasters submission page and click Add or Claim Your Podcast

  • Sign in with your Amazon account or create an account for free

  • After you've logged in, the site will ask you for your RSS feed. Copy it from your Captivate dashboard and paste it into the box

  • Amazon Music will pull through your podcast's information from your RSS feed. Verify that the information is correct and click Confirm Email

  • Amazon Music will send you an ownership confirmation email to the email address connected to your podcast RSS feed. When you receive the email, click Confirm Ownership and you’re done!

You will receive an email when your show is available on Amazon Music.

Using Your Amazon Music for Podcasters Features

As well as getting access to additional audience data on Amazon Music for Podcasters, you also get some cool features to help with your show. So, what do you get?

View Analytics. On top of the industry-leading podcast analytics that Captivate provides for all our users, Amazon Music for Podcasters can give you additional audience data and behaviour.

  • Overview: get details about Starts, Plays, Listeners, and Followers

  • Trends: see how many Engaged Listeners you have, and how that audience has grown over time

Coupled with your Captivate analytics data, this really helps you get additional data about your podcast audience, episodes, and analytics.

Free resources to help promote your podcast on Amazon Music

Once your podcast has been submitted, you'll be able to add your listen link to your single promotion page to give your audience an easy way to find your podcast on Amazon!

Amazon has also put together a free promotional package for podcasters, including badges for your website, calls to action and social media templates to help promote your podcast!

Here are some ways to help promote your podcast from Amazon:

  • Tag @PlayMorePods and @AmazonMusic and use #ListenOnAmazonMusic, so Amazon can share or repost wherever possible.

  • Include the Listen on Amazon button on your site to drive traffic to your content and let your listeners know you’re on Amazon Music.

  • If you’re launching a new season or featuring an exciting new episode, we want to know about it! Podcasters with content they’d like to promote on Amazon Music can submit via this submission form.

  • Let your listeners know what to say to easily find and play your podcast on Alexa.

    Play a podcast: "Alexa, play the podcast <podcast title>"

    Play a followed podcast: "Alexa, play my followed podcasts”

    Navigate between podcast episodes: "Alexa, next / previous (episode)"

    Play the latest episode: "Alexa, play the latest", "Alexa, play the latest episode of <podcast title> ”

    Fast forward or rewind in an episode: "Alexa, fast forward / rewind”, "Alexa, fast forward / rewind 2 minutes"

    Continue with a podcast in progress: "Alexa, resume my podcast", "Alexa, resume the podcast "

That's it!

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