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How to Create a Beautiful Website for Your Podcast With Captivate: Part 2 - Header
How to Create a Beautiful Website for Your Podcast With Captivate: Part 2 - Header

Create an eye-catching header area for your Captivate Podcast Website!

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Create an eye-catching header area for your Captivate Podcast Website!

In part one of creating a Captivate Website for your podcast, we looked at the Basic Settings, to get you up and running.

Now it's time to make your site really stand out, with some customization of your website's header area. This is your chance to really grab your audience's attention, so let's make sure it's the best it can be! 😁

Make sure you're logged in to your Captivate dashboard, and have the Header tab open in the Website section.

You should see two main areas:

  • Header settings

  • Hero section

Let's go through each option.

Captivate Sites Header Settings

In this section, you can choose from three options:

  • Logo

  • Title

  • Fixed header

These allow you to add more graphical flair to your website, and build on the branding and colours you set up in your Basic Settings.


By uploading a logo for your show, you can really start to brand your website. For the best effect, use a transparent logo if your hero image has a dark background. Your logo size should be either a 200px by 200px square, or 500px by 200px rectangle.

Note: your logo is not the same as your show artwork. Your logo is purely for your Captivate website.


If you prefer to not use a logo, but stay with text for your show's "logo", this is where you'd type the title of your show.

Fixed header

Here you can choose whether the logo or title for your show follows the listener as they scroll down your website, or drops out of site until they scroll back up.

Captivate Sites Hero Section

Your Hero Section is the space between your logo/title, and your episodes. To really make this section stand out, we've made it super easy for you to add your creative flair, with options to optimize each area! :)

  • Enable hero section

  • Pinned episode

  • Hero image

  • Overlay

  • Hero title

  • Hero subtitle

  • Podchaser rating

Let's break it down!

Enable hero section

By enabling this area, you can upload a large hero image to your website, that can really help grab your website visitor's attention.

Pinned episode

Let your listeners know what your show is all about, by pinning a favourite episode to the top of your site! This is a great place for your trailer but can also be used for a bonus piece of content, or an episode that you feel really showcases the strengths of your podcast.

Hero image

This is a large, bold image that sits front and centre at the top of your Captivate Website. Coupled with your Hero Title and Hero Subtitle, you can use this to visually stand out from similar shows.

To make the most of this section, use an image that's 1600px by 900px, and ties in with your show topic. On the Spark of Rebellion podcast, Captivate CEO Mark Asquith uses a great image of a lightsaber, perfect for a show about Star Wars.


Depending on the kind of image you use, any text that's on top of that via your Hero Title or Hero Subtitle may be hard to read. Adding an overlay will create a shadow effect behind the words, to ensure they're nice and clear. 😁

Hero title

Think of this as a welcome message for your listeners. You can use this to offer a brief intro, to complement your Hero Subtitle.

Hero subtitle

An expansion on your Hero Title, this is where you can offer a brief description of what your show is about, or what your listeners can expect. Keep this reasonably short for maximum effect.

Note: neither the Hero Title or Hero Subtitle will be displayed if these areas are left blank.

Podchaser rating

If you haven't used Podchaser yet, it's a pretty cool platform that lists podcasts, allows for reviews, communities, and much more! We're big fans of Podchaser here at Captivate, which is why we make it easy to show off your show's Podchaser ratings on your website.

First, make sure you've created an account on Podchaser and claimed your podcast. Then, head on back to the Promotion section of your Captivate dashboard, click Integrations, and then click the Claim Your Profile button.

Then just follow the steps in your Podchaser account, and you're set! Now you can display your Podchaser Ratings at the top of your website, with a call to action to Rate on Podchaser. Neat! 😁

And that's it - the Header section of your website is now set up to really sing and start attracting new listeners!

Oh, wait a minute - we have a little bonus! Check your header, and you'll see a little search icon. Simply type in a topic you're interested in, that's relevant to the podcast, and any episodes mentioning that will be displayed for you to listen to. Sweet!!

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