So you've completed your website's Basic Settings as well as created an eye-catching Header - now it's time to show off the team behind your show, with our cool Team feature for your Captivate Website!

While logged in to your Captivate dashboard, open the Team tab in the Captivate Sites section. If you've used our guide to creating your podcast team, you'll see those team members here, with a sweet addition.

Underneath each person's name, you'll see a Bio Override button. Click that, and you can now offer a unique biography for that person for the show they're allocated to, instead of the default bio from the main Podcast Team settings.

Pretty sweet! Now you can really tailor the description of each team member, and give them different titles and descriptions based on what show they're working on, and their role on that!

That's not all. If you hold down the the three little lines at the top right of your team member's box, you can drag and drop team members around, so they display in the position you want them to on your Captivate Website. 😁

Once you're ready to display the team member, simply toggle the display button to choose who is displayed on your site.


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