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How to Connect Mailchimp to Your Captivate Site
How to Connect Mailchimp to Your Captivate Site

Easily collect newsletter subscribers to grow your podcast, with our comprehensive Mailchimp integration!

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With our Email Opt-In feature, we're making it super easy for Mailchimp users to grow subscribers for your newsletter, where you can start offering exclusive content just for subscribers! When set up, your email sign up form and image (if you wish to use one) are displayed on your Captivate Site.

Connecting with Mailchimp

If you're a current Mailchimp user, you can connect pretty seamlessly through your Captivate dashboard.

First, head on over to the Promotions section in your dashboard, and click on the Integrations tab.

Click on the Connect Mailchimp button. This will open up the Mailchimp log-in screen for your account, to start the Captivate authorization process. Enter your email address and password for Mailchimp, and click the Log In button.

Once logged in, you'll then see the authorization screen, with some default Mailchimp text about authenticating third-party apps with your account. Click on the Allow button

Once connected, you'll be redirected back to your Captivate dashboard. Click on the Integrations tab again, and you should see that you're Connected to Mailchimp. Now it's time to set up your form. ๐Ÿ˜

Setting Up Your Email Opt-in Form with Mailchimp

Click the Captivate Sites navigation tab on the left of your Captivate dashboard, and then click Email Opt-In.

Click Enable Email Opt-in, then use the dropdown to choose your email integration and select Mailchimp. This opens up the form settings for your email newsletter sign up form.

You have three sections to complete when it comes to creating your sign up form:

  1. Email Provider - here you can choose your list, the tags to use, what your subscribe/action button says, and whether to enable terms (like a link to a privacy page, for example)

  2. Settings - here you can give your form a title, as well as a description on what subscribers can expect from your newsletter

  3. Email image - here you can upload an eye-catching image to really grab the attention of visitors to your Captivate Site and drive them to your subscription form!

If you're happy with everything, click Save Changes to publish your form. Head on over to your live Captivate Site, and check it out!

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