With our Email Opt-In feature, we're making it super easy for Mailchimp users to grow subscribers for your newsletter, where you can start offering exclusive content just for subscribers! When set up, your email sign up form and image (if you wish to use one) are displayed on your Captivate Site.

Connecting with Mailchimp

If you're a current Mailchimp user, you can connect pretty seamlessly through your Captivate dashboard.

First, head on over to the Marketing section in your dashboard, and click on the Integrations tab, where you'll find Mailchimp.

Click on the Connect Mailchimp button. This will open up the Mailchimp log-in screen for your account, to start the Captivate authorization process. Enter your email address and password for Mailchimp, and click the Log In button.

Once logged in, you'll then see the authorization screen, with some default Mailchimp text about authenticating third-party apps with your account. Click on the Allow button.

Once connected, you'll be redirected back to your Captivate dashboard. Click on the Integrations tab again, and you should see that you're connected to Mailchimp. Now it's time to set up your form. 😁

Setting Up Your Email Opt-In Form with Mailchimp

Click the Website navigation tab on the left of your Captivate dashboard, and then click Email Opt-In.

Use the dropdown to choose your email integration, and select Mailchimp. This opens up the form settings for your email newsletter sign up form. This is where the fun begins! 😁

You have eight areas to choose from when it comes to creating your sign up form:

  1. Email list

  2. Tags (once you select your list)

  3. Title

  4. Subtitle

  5. Action button

  6. Enable terms

  7. Success message

  8. Image

Email list

If you have multiple lists in your Mailchimp account, this is where you can choose the one that's specific to your podcast. Simply use the dropdown to choose the list you want to use.


This is where you can choose from existing tags on your Mailchimp account, or add your own. So, you could create a tag called Captivate Site Subscriber, and anyone that subscribes from your form on your podcast site will show up as that.


This is the title of your email form. Make it something punchy and attention-grabbing. "Never miss an episode!" as opposed to "My email newsletter", for example.


This is where you can describe what subscribers to your newsletter will receive, and give them a reason to sign up. For example, "Sign up for our free newsletter, so you get each new show as soon as it's live! Plus, get exclusive content and updates just for subscribers - sign up below!"

Action button

Here you can choose what text appears on your Subscribe button. Get a little creative here - offer a fun Call to Action instead of the default subscribe. "Sign me up!", or, "Send me the shows!", for example.

Enable terms

If you have a privacy policy for your email list, or a Terms and Conditions template that you use, this is the perfect place to link to that. In the Terms Text box, use something short like "Read our privacy policy", and then use the Terms Link box to drop the URL of your external link (it may just be a Google Doc).

Success message

This is the message people will see once they click your Submit/Subscribe button. You can either replicate the success message you use for your Mailchimp account, or use a simple message like, "Thanks for subscribing - please check your inbox to confirm your details". This ensures new subscribers are more likely to look out for your follow-up email and what comes next.

Email image

If you want your newsletter opt-in form to stand out a little more, you can upload n image here that will sit next to your sign up form.

Use something that ties in with your show - either your show artwork, or a version of it with Call to Action text on it on it. Don't make the image too busy, though - your goal is to get people to complete your opt-in form, not look at a pretty image. 😉

When uploading the image, choose whether to flip or crop it, and then click Save to save your image settings. Your opt-in form settings should look something like this, depending on what options you're using.

If you're happy with everything, click Save to publish your form. Head on over to your live Captivate Site, and check it out!

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