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Podcast Network Settings Overview
Podcast Network Settings Overview

Make the most of your podcast network with your optimizable settings.

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When it comes to how your podcast network looks, Captivate makes it super easy to optimize your network's settings. This is perfect for promoting your podcast network as well as adding to your podcast network website's design!

How to Optimize Your Podcast Network Settings

There are a few features you can add to your podcast network, with each one enabling you to not only brand your network, but set it up for sharing and promoting!

To get started, log in to your Captivate dashboard and click on Network Settings in the left hand navigation menu.

On the Network Settings page, you'll have three options to choose from:

  • Cover art

  • Network details

  • Social Links

Make sure you take advantage of each one to really help your podcast network shine!

Cover art

Your podcast network cover art is the image that's used when promoting your network. It will also display on your podcast network website, if you use that feature.

This follows the same specifications as your podcast cover art:

  • square image

  • minimum 1400px by 1400px

  • maximum 3000px by 3000px

  • jpeg or png

  • less than 512kb in size

Network details

Here you can add your podcast network name, as well as a description for your network. Use this section to really optimize your network, to not only help sell your network to potential listeners, but also make it findable via search engines.

You can also add hyperlinks here to link out to any online courses or calls-to-action for your network visitors.

Social links

Here you can add links to your profile on the following social platforms:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook page

  • Facebook group

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Patreon

  • Custom (if you wanted to add something like Twitch or Clubhouse)

And that's it - your podcast network settings are fully set up and optimized for your listeners

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