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How to add and edit your podcast guest booking availability
How to add and edit your podcast guest booking availability

Choose the days and times that work best for your interviews, with our guest booking availability option!

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As podcasters ourselves, we know how busy it can get, especially when managing guests and calendars for booking podcast guests for your show.

That's why we've made it super easy to create a schedule that works for you, and lets your guest book a day and time that works for them too!

How to create and update your podcast guest booking availability

  • Log into your Captivate dashboard.

  • Click Availability from the left hand menu under the Guest Booking header.

From here, you will then have the following options to choose from:

  • Default Weekly Schedule: Select which days, along with a start and finish time, you want to make yourself available for by simply ticking the days and selecting times from the drop downs.

  • Timezone: Here you can use your default podcast timezone, or choose a new one (perfect if you're travelling and will be in a different city/country at the time).

  • Date Blocking: If you have a well earned break planned, or a time period you want to take time off from podcast guest interviews, then pre-schedule dates when you won't be available outside of your standard availability.

  • Interview Duration and Start Time: Decide how long you want your interview slots to last and the time period you wish for them to be split apart.

  • Timeframe: Choose how far ahead guests can book their interview slots with you (up to a maximum of 6 months).

Once you've set your preferences, click Save Changes, and that's it - your availability is set ready to start arranging your guest bookings!

Note: These rules aren't set in stone for yourself - when creating a guest booking, you can override your own availability settings if you'd like to book in a specific session outside of your usual schedule when creating a podcast guest booking.

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