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RSS Enhancements Overview
RSS Enhancements Overview

How to make your podcast RSS feed more interactive with these Podcasting 2.0 powered features!

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With Captivate’s RSS Enhancements, powered by Podcasting 2.0, you can use your RSS feed to help grow your show. Here are the latest enhancements to your RSS feed and what they do - simply jump on over to your Podcasts Settings, and click on the RSS Enhancements tab to get started.

podcast:episode This feature represents your podcast’s episode number to identify properly on podcast apps.

podcast:season Used for seasonal podcasts to show which episodes are part of which season.

podcast:guid A unique identifier globally recognized number (36 characters) for each podcast RSS feed by the Podcast Index. You can use this to create a QR code which can then be shared to make it easy for listeners on mobile to link to your show.

podcast:locked You can set this to yes or no. The purpose is to tell other platforms whether they can import this feed, but it does depend on the other platform respecting the Locked feature.

podcast:funding This can be used to make it easy to link to donation and funding platforms for your show, e.g. you can point to Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee, or even PayPal. This also integrates with your Captivate donation link.

podcast:license This allows podcasters to point to a URL where license terms of a podcast live. For example, let’s say you’re happy for any part of your show to be used by others - you might set up a Creative Commons license to show this. With podcast:license you can link directly to the one relevant to your podcast.

podcast:medium Identifies what the content contained within the feed IS, as opposed to what the content is ABOUT in the case of a category. For podcasters, the default will be podcast, but you can also choose from music, video, film, audiobook, newsletter, and blog.

podcast:txt This is a custom text area, and is modeled after the DNS “TXT” record. It’s meant to allow for usages that might be niche or otherwise (removing the need for an email address in your RSS feed for verifying ownership of your podcast).

podcast:value Used to enable Value4Value (V4V) crypto payments. Check out our How to Use the Value For Value (V4V) Feature help article for more details.

podcast:location This is used to describe the location of what the podcast is about. It’s NOT the podcaster’s physical address or location. So, for example, if it’s a podcast about sightseeing in London recorded by someone in Los Angeles, this would be set as London.

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