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How to Create and Use a Network Feed
How to Create and Use a Network Feed

Make it easy to share all your podcasts under one RSS feed with this awesome feature!

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With Captivate’s Network feature, podcasters can take advantage of having multiple shows and creating their own podcast network, no matter what plan you’re on. This has helped thousands of independent podcasters take advantage of features normally reserved for enterprise-level podcasters or large networks.

Now we’re taking that one step further with the Network Feed! By creating a network-level feed for your podcasts, you can submit the network to podcast apps, or share it with advertising partners, etc.

Additionally, any podcast on your network feed will automatically have new episodes published to your feed.

Creating your Network Feed

Creating your network feed is super easy, and can be done directly from your Captivate dashboard (you’ll need to have created a Network before this step).

  • Click on Network Settings

  • Scroll down to Network RSS Feed

  • Toggle to Enabled

  • Edit your Network Feed URL (or leave to the default Captivate one)

  • Complete your Network Feed Settings

  • Choose your Directory Categories

  • Select which podcasts to include

  • Click Update Network Settings

And that’s it - your Network Feed is good to go, and you can now use this to add manually to podcast apps, or share the feed with advertising partners to pull episodes from.

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