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How to Set Up Your Public Supporters Page for Tips and Memberships
How to Set Up Your Public Supporters Page for Tips and Memberships

Create and customize a dedicated landing page to encourage supporters for your show!

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Captivate has made it super simple for your podcast followers to support you, with the option of creating and sharing a public support page.

Here’s how to set that up!

  • Log in to Captivate

  • On the left hand navigation menu, click Settings in the Monetization section

This brings you to the Monetization Settings page, where there are three options:

  • Public settings

  • Tips Settings

  • Membership Settings

For your public supporter page, you want to be working in the Public Settings tab (you’ll then set up the Tips and Membership options after). So what options are available to you?

Welcome Your Fans

Here you can create custom message that welcomes them to your supporters page - something nice and friendly for the visitor.

Your Personal Message

This is where you can expand on your offering, and what supporters can expect. We’ve even given you a video message section, where you can share a YouTube of a personal video message to make the page even more welcoming. This video will embed and play back on your supporter landing page.

Thank You Message

Similar to the Welcome Your Fans message, this allows you to display a personalized thank you message once someone’s supported you. Once payment is complete, they’ll be redirected to this page where you can either have a written thank you message, or a YouTube video message.

Once done, click the Save Changes button, and you’re good to go!

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