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Individual Episode Analytics for Your Podcast
Individual Episode Analytics for Your Podcast

Get even more data about your podcast with our deep dive analytics for every single podcast episode!

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At Captivate, our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to better understand your audience and grow your podcast. From unique listeners to episode comparisons, we want to give you the tools you need to produce the kind of show that attracts listeners.

Which is why we offer individual episode analytics for your podcast, so you can really drill down into how each episode is performing.

Accessing Your Individual Episode Analytics

There are two ways to access your Individual Episode Analytics:

  1. From your Captivate dashboard you can easily view the individual podcast episode analytics for your last three episodes at the click of a button:

  2. Click on Episodes on the left hand side menu of your Captivate dashboard and select the analytics icon on the episode you want to see the analytics for.

Individual podcast episode analytics data

Once you have selected the individual podcast episode, there's a whole range of information available for you to analyze that episodes performance, broken down into three tabs:


  • Downloads overview: just like the downloads overview in your Captivate dashboard, this gives you a quick snapshot of your episode's performance over a set period of time.

  • Rolling 12 months: this is great to see how your podcast episode is performing over a 12 month period. Great for tracking downloads on evergreen content.

Listener Behaviour

  • Daily trends: this section shows you the number of downloads your show received within a selected timeframe of your choice.

  • How they listen: this shows the devices/apps that your listeners used to listen to your episode within the selected date range. This includes your Captivate Web Player, and if it was listened to on desktop or mobile.

  • Where they listen: this shares where in the world your episode listens came from during the selected date range. Dig even deeper to the locations of your downloads by clicking on the different areas of the world map!

Web Player Analytics

At Captivate, we provide an amazing web player for all our users, that can be easily embedded on any website platform you like!

With Web Player Analytics, you can now see how many people listened to your episode via your embedded player.

  • Unique Listeners are how many people listened to that episode via your web player. Because it's Unique Listeners, you can be sure the data is accurate - even if the same person listened to the same episode multiple times via the web player, we'll only count them as one listen for that time period.

  • Consumption shows how many listeners used the web player to listen to an episode, versus across all the various podcast apps.

  • Minutes played shows how many minutes an episode has been listened to on the web player.

  • Minutes replayed shows how many minutes of your episode was replayed by a listener (if they misheard a section, for example, and replayed that part).

Web Player Listener Coverage

When you're trying to determine how your show is being received by listeners, simple downloads aren't enough. You want to know their interest, where your show grabs attention, and where it peters out.

With Captivate's Web Player Listener Coverage, you can view that information and optimize your podcast accordingly.

Here, you can see exactly where your episode is most effective, and where you might need to look at making some changes, to hold attention.

In the example above, you can see attention dropped a little around the 4.00 minute mark, but then spiked again around 40 minutes.

If you're analyzing that episode, it might show you that you need to introduce your key topic earlier in the episode to grab attention, and then offer smaller tidbits around that topic to hold audience attention.

This data can really help you optimize every single episode, and grow your show the way you want it to grow.

Note: Both Web Player Analytics features are only available to Captivate users with the Captivate Web Player embedded on your self-hosted website, or as part of our our free Captivate Sites.

Private Subscribers

If you have a Captivate private podcast these analytics are for you! See which subscribers to your private podcast are most engaged with your show with our Episode Analytics for private podcasts.

  • Summary: get download details for Today, First 24 Hours, First 28 Days, Total, as well as Rolling 12 Months, showing your listener data over the previous 12 months.

  • Private Subscribers: see who's listening the most to each episode.

  • Listener behaviour: just like the analytics for public podcasts, see information about your subscribers including Daily Trends, How They Listen and Where They Listen.

  • Web Player Analytics: if you embed your private podcast behind a paywall on your own site, see how much of the episode is being listened to, as well as replays and unique listeners.

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